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The "Queen of the Nile" solar and hydrogen powered river cruises, themed on Cleopatra the famous Pharaoh of ancient Egypt




Introducing the Hydrogen/Solar-Powered River Cruiser: Cleopatra: 'Queen of the Nile' featuring the Isis figurehead.


The 'Queen of the Nile' is to be 'Cleopatra' themed, in honour of the most famous ruler of Ancient Egypt, probably the best known Pharaoh, after the boy king Tutankhamun. But, what if the missing tomb is discovered - a much awaited possibility.


We propose the development and operation of a unique H2 and solar-powered river cruiser named "Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile." This vessel would not only serve as a luxurious floating tourist attraction, but also as a powerful showcase for zero-carbon and zero-emission technology, demonstrating Egypt's leadership in sustainable tourism and potential for wider international cooperation.


- State-of-the-art propulsion system including hydrogen drives: The cruiser will be equipped with advanced solar panels, harnessing the abundant Egyptian sunshine to power its entire operation, from propulsion to onboard amenities, aligning with the United Nation's ambitious goals towards a sustainable future

- Immersive historical experience: Themed after the iconic Cleopatra VII, the vessel's design and interior will transport guests back in time, offering a unique blend of education and entertainment, showcasing Egypt's rich history and heritage.

- Sustainable tourism: By utilizing solar energy, the cruiser will significantly reduce its environmental impact, promoting sustainable tourism practices on the Nile River, catering to eco-minded tourists and demonstrating Egypt's commitment to responsible tourism development.

- Hydrogen-powered sister vessel: We also propose the inclusion of a sister vessel, the "Elizabeth Swann," powered by green hydrogen produced from solar farms. This showcases Egypt's potential involvement in the green hydrogen production sector, presenting an exciting opportunity for collaboration and innovation.

- Technology Showcase: The Cleopatra themed, Queen of the Nile"  can serve as a transportable platform to showcase Arabian advancements in renewable energy and sustainable tourism, by way of example during future ADIPEC and EGYPES, like minded events, and beyond, demonstrating Egypt's leadership in these areas to an international audience.

- Educational and Cultural Exchange: We envision collaborating with institutions to develop educational programs and cultural experiences onboard the Queen of the Nile cruiser, including derivative vessels for use on rivers and coasts around the world, fostering understanding and appreciation for Egypt's rich history and culture, further strengthening international cooperation.

By combining innovation, historical reverence, and environmental responsibility, we hope to create a truly unique and impactful experience that benefits both tourism and the environment, while demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and its potential for wider international cooperation.


The Queen of the Nile's groundbreaking design represents the pioneering spirit; it symbolizes a critical step towards a cleaner and more sustainable maritime future for planet earth's 71% water covering. By joining us on this journey, governments, fleet operators, and oil-producing nations can secure their position at the forefront of change, shaping a future where economic prosperity and environmental accountability go hand-in-hand.








QUEEN OF THE NILE - A superb depiction of Cleopatra enjoying a ride on the great river Nile that she loved so much, along with leopards and crocodiles. She lived at a time built on much achieved by her forbears, coming to power at a time of change, thus needing to use her wiles to seduce successive Roman leaders. On wonders then at her intellectual and bedroom skills, for seducing Julius Caesar was no easy task, but then to succeed again with Mark Antony, must surely rank her as one of the greatest seducers of men of power, of all time. And, that sets her apart from other female rulers, past and present. For, she managed to pull off such alliances, despite not being facially beautiful. She must then have possessed the body of a temptress. Which as we know, she presented rather well. Better than all the lacey undergarments and modern attire, may achieve today.







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